medical review

With over 30 years of experience, Cynergy is a nationally recognized industry leader in the provision of Medical Review Officer services for Workplace and Government drug and alcohol testing programs. We bring a deep knowledge of DOT regulated and non-regulated services, and also support a comprehensive approach to impairment screening. Cynergy is your trusted provider for medical oversight and complex innovations in screening for safety.

Occupational Health

Cynergy physicians are licensed nationwide to provide simplified access to prescribing authority for a wide range of clinical diagnostics, health and wellness screens, and at home testing options. We provide the Medical Consultation on Critical Value results, medical consultation for certain specialty testing, along with a variety of capabilities related to Covid19 testing, surveillance, and vaccination.

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Cynergy has been a pioneer in the delivery of telehealth evaluations for over 30 years. As a Medical Review Officer under PART 40 Federal Workplace Guidelines, Cynergy physicians have conducted millions of phone-based medical consultations for workplace drug and alcohol screening, return to work assessments, and occupational health screens.

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Cynergy represents a comprehensive medical home, enabling a wide range of health and safety related diagnostics that improve access to health equity through the workplace and consumers in their preferred care setting. For diagnostics partners, HR and Safety professionals, resellers and program administrators, and consumers, Cynergy is your trusted resource for information.